Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tales of this shopkeeper IV

"What was I thinking/" I said to myself as I looked over the order of 48 bluebird ornaments with sayings on them.  "By themselves they are cute but is this my aesthetic?"  I thought.  Every once in awhile I lose my way and give in to something that is not really a Winsome kind of thing.  Then I make a promise to myself that I won't do it again.....until "again" happens....again!
Those bluebirds have been in every spot in the shop even mixed in with Christmas on a tree, hanging on a birdcage chandelier, on a real tree branch in a pot, all gathered together in a pretty name it, they've been there!  It's not that they haven't sold because they have but they just aren't moving on a regular basis if you know what I mean!  Until.....three weeks ago, my sweet customer, Anna (not her real name) came into the shop.
Anna is in her early 70's and quick witted.  She is a petite little lady with a twinkle in her eye and  LOVES all the frenchy items we carry in the shop.  Last year, she went to France with her daughter and has shared lots of stories with me about her time there. Three weeks ago, Anna bought four bluebirds:)  They were for her friends and she thought they were cute.
Last week I was happy to see Anna stroll in again.  Her little 5 ft. self bundled up in a pretty red jacket.  She went straight to the bluebirds displayed in yet another way in the center of the shop.  We talked while she selected four more birds and brought them to the counter.  "These are for the ladies at the such and such club.  I thought they would each like one.  I don't go anymore but I just wanted to get them something." she said.......We should all be so thoughtful, huh?
Now I'm not kidding.....on Tuesday this week, Anna showed up again.  Three more bluebirds were purchased for "just in case" occasions because they're so cute......
If you're a shopkeeper you probably can relate to those certain items that you purchased and had second thoughts about.  We all know that when the big ticket items aren't moving, you better have some "smalls" to get you through.  There are times when I doubt that something will sell and find out I have to reorder it or the other way around....positive something will fly out the door and, hmmm, it sits.  So, this shopkeeping thing isn't an exact science, huh?  I guess that's why I enjoy it so much.  It's lots of things; definitely challenging in the buying area but, oh, when you do find something that your customers love??? Sweet joy!
Any shopkeepers out there willing to share their "misspent funds" stories??  Would love to hear from you!

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  1. I've had similar experiences a couple being I bought some vintage looking perfume bottles. They sat around for a few months and I knew they were a little off for the store but still cute.
    Until a first time customer came in and bought all but 2!!! Happy to recoup my $ and happy that she was so thrilled. (as they were unique to her already extensive perfume bottle collection!) Who knew? Haven't bought any more at this time. ;)