Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tales of this shopkeeper - Winsome Cottage has new look!

Hello everyone!
It's been quite a long while since I have posted on here because......I have been working with Reni @
Bliss and Tell Branding Company to create a new logo(see
And we LOVE it! Also, we had her design a new web/blog for us which went "live" last week:) Would love to have you follow us there( Stop by and make a comment:)
And thanks to my talented friend, Jodee (see we have some beautiful photos in our "vintage and new" slideshow segment and our "about" page. Like this....
And if that isn't enough.....! We added an online shop for those of you who can't make it to our brick and mortar anytime soon!  We hope to change our items often to keep you guessing:)  So take some time to look around and let us know what you think:)
Thanks for your faithfulness! We are still having fun:) And, oh, the possibilities....!
Kim and Marykay

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tales of this shopkeeper - Sauerkraut Festival 2012

Today I took my dad for a ride and stopped up at the shop to grab something on my day's Monday,

 only one day since the 43rd Annual Sauerkraut Festival in our little town of Waynesville, Ohio.....

Hard to believe that two days ago the streets were closed and over 500 vendor tents with arts and crafts

and anything made with sauerkraut lined our Main St. and  350,000 people moved

as one large organism enjoying the talents of many ..... over 60 shops and restaurants benefitted from

this festival as well and our shop, Winsome Cottage, had a fabulous weekend!

This was the night before after all the vendors were set up.....this whole process runs like a well-oiled

machine....thanks to our fabulous Sauerkraut Committee!

Before the official festival opening time there was a very long line around the booth and back behind Main

for Sauerkraut donuts....and I hear that line stayed just as long all day!

Saturday was beautiful .....

And Winsome enjoyed seeing many families.....

Among our great sales....we sold many of these...which by the way...are not original and the directions can

be found on .....

I love this weekend.....the days before....during and the time spent with these great ladies who

did a fabulous job assisting customers and keeping things looking nice.  Thank you! Team Winsome!!

Until next year.....:)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Tales of this Shopkeeper - Get ready! 43rd Sauerkraut Festival

Fall is here and in less than two weeks our little town will be transformed into the
43rd Annual Ohio Sauerkraut Festival

Yes sirree!! On October 13, 14 Waynesville, Ohio will host vendor booths, musical guests, wonderful shops and anything you could ever imagine made from sauerkraut for your dining pleasure!!
Last year the count was around 350,000 people:) That's, fun!!
Saturday, October 13 8:00 - 9:00
Sunday, October 14 8:00 - 6:00

Here's a photo outside the shop last year as the National Anthem was played....everyone stopped.
And yes, we have the Rueben Sandwich vendor right outside our door:)

Sooooo....with just two weeks to go you can imagine that we are busily preparing for this great weekend.  I love to have a good mix of our painted furniture, home decor and handmades available as this crowd is a crafty lovin' bunch!
I've been working on these lately and will have a good selection in the shop when the time comes...

We brought in a truckload of goodies yesterday and will have more to bring in very soon.  All fun stuff!

Ideas have been swirling around in my head for months and the next two weeks we will be turning those ideas into something concrete and charmingly useful!

The Sauerkraut committee has been working hard all year to plan this fabulous event that runs like a well-oiled start making plans to attend.  Come early and enjoy over 400 vendors and their creative goods, lots of delicious food and music and over 60 shops and restaurants!

And don't forget to stop in to see us at
Winsome Cottage
93 S. Main St.
*mention this blog post and receive 10% off your total purchase!

See you there!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Tales of this Shopkeeper - Let's go for a ride!

Every Sunday afternoon when I was growing up we piled into our family station wagon and went for a Sunday ride.....those are good memories.  Mom and dad, my two sisters and I, my grandma Lottie and my aunt Ida and sometimes our collie, Ranny all in the family wagon.  In the later years, dad had a couple of station wagons with room for nine passengers.  Otherwise, my younger sister and I sat in the "cargo" space and of course, no seatbelts:)
We would go out of town and drive on country roads looking at the scenery.  Sometimes my dad would lower the window on the back of the station wagon and my younger sister and I would lay back with our feet hanging out. Fun, simple pleasures but family time......
Once in a blue moon, as my mom would say, my dad stopped the car on a deserted country road and let me sit on his lap and "drive" the car.  I couldn't touch the pedals but being allowed to hold the steering wheel just made me feel special.  Years later I would be teased about my "lead foot" while driving.  Hmmm, was that the beginning?

I'm sharing all of this because going for a ride has been an important part of my grown up life as well.  When money was tight, we always seemed to be able to put a little gas in the car to "go for a ride."  When the kids were in their teens and there wasn't much privacy for conversations my husband and I would "go for a ride" to discuss how to handle the various challenges of having two teens in the house.
Going for a ride has been therapeutic for me and going for a ride means quality time with my one can hear, no one else can interrupt.  We have had arguments and settled them all in one ride and we have cried together over very serious events while going for a ride.
So... for me, nothing beats a beautiful sunny day in the fall when the sky has that golden look and the fields have turned a rusty brown than going for a ride....such was our day yesterday....a Sunday.
Now most of you know that my 91 year old dad lives with us and  we decided to go for a ride and ask him to come along....."How far are you going?" he asked.  "Oh about an hour" my husband answered.  "Well, beats sitting around all day...sure I'll go" he said.  One small problem.....our truck is really for two adults, maybe three across the front seat.  Then there is space in back with two, uhm...errrr...what I would call "jumpseats"(parachutes not included) that very small people can sit in.  I have ridden back there on occasion and so has our adult daughter but it's not comfortable.  Still, the day was gorgeous and dad wanted to go and we were headed to a place that had some pickin' possibilities:)  I could do this....
I snapped a shot from the back seat of my dad who is contantly checking the mirrors while others are driving.  He used to love to drive and having to give that up last year was devastating for him so he stays on top of others driving for them:)

Here is my spot in the back in which I sit sideways on four pillows....I can lay down if I need to so there are some options and, hey, we're going junking so it's worth the sacrifice!

Up and down and over and around we went through beautiful countryside until we came to our destination.  Dad was armed with a chocolate malt and two new magazines.  "Will you be okay?" I asked as we got out of the truck.  "I'll be fine, go ahead." he said.  My husband and I crossed the street to one of our favorite junkin' places.
Oh what fun it was to enter and find....immediately, a beautiful table and four chairs....something we were looking for AND so reasonable!!
There were some other possibilities but nothing like our first find so we decided to purchase and load and head down the street to yet another great place.
Wow!! We found some great things at this second place and once loaded looked like the Clampett's moving to LA!!
Dad was relieved to know that we were so full that there would be no more hunting for the day.  It was getting to be a bit long for him so we headed home.

This was taken out the back window of the truck from my vantage point. Such a delicious load of possibilities, I must say!  Stay tuned for the actual reveal of these items after they have been tweaked a bit..... And so....a different kind of ride this past Sunday afternoon for my dad but, time.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tales of this shopkeeper - Chalk Paint Workshop in July

Last Thursday around 6:30 pm six creative ladies joined us for another Chalk Paint workshop at Winsome Cottage.  Once again Debra Campbell of Wallartistry Studio was our instructor...

The week before I had a call from a lady in New Jersey who was coming to Columbus, Ohio on business for two weeks.  She had heard about chalk paint and wanted to learn more so she found us online and registered!  We loved having you Maria!....

As Debra filled their heads with all things Chalk Paint, the ladies transformed a simple mirror frame and decorative hook with techniques like dry brushing, two color distressing, etc......

Everyone was very intent and seemed to enjoy themselves.....

Our next workshop will be an advanced covering aging dust and gilding.  It will be August 16th from 6:30 - 8:30.  Fee:  $75.00
Then, September 6th will be another basic workshop from 6:30 - 9:30 pm Fee: $95.00
Please call to register soon!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tales of this Shopkeeper - Busy Bees....

This past week all kinds of ideas have been forming in my head.  Do you do that?  While sitting in your shop do you envision how to change this or that or how about just re doing the whole shop??  Well, I have one corner all set in my head and so this week we will be pulling things apart and and totally revamping, adding things here and there and changing the whole stay tuned.  Pictures to follow!

We've been very busy at the cottage lately doing special things for our customers like this....

There are six of these chairs all in great shape and the customer picked out the fabric.  Really love the way they turned out!  She'll be coming in tomorrow to pick them up..........oh and the paint?? Old White, of course, from our line of Chalk Paint(TM) Decorative Finishes.

Tonight we finished a small vanity/desk in Emile.  We decided to "dirty" it up a bit with dark wax and give it some character with some rubbing back.....

Then I worked on this chair in my favorite color, Emperor's Silk.  I love these little chairs but what do you think?  Should the lettering be facing you when you come to sit down?  Wonder if it's a "do over".  Still cute!

White shabby furniture is always in demand at the shop so we worked on these three .....

This week I will have pictures of our new area as it gets finished....thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tales of this Shopkeeper - Chalk Paint(tm) Workshop

What a great group of ladies we had last Thursday night for another exciting workshop on Chalk Paint Decorative Finishes by Annie Sloan!  Once again Debra was full of information and new ideas as she instructed the ladies.

What is it about people who sign up for these workshops?? I have not met a bad one fact, all of them are extremely nice! 

Is it working with your hands that makes you nice? Or keeps you balanced and therefore nice? Or keeps you using your creative bent and therefore you are content so you're nice??:)

These ladies brought their own small item to paint and in the process of three hours learned much more than just putting paint on a piece of furniture!

This lady raises horses.  That has to keep you nice!:)

Our beautiful summer employee, Alexis, even joined us......

Someone brought in a metal lamp that they had painted with Chalk Paint(TM) and had over waxed.  Here's Debra showing the remedy.....that was very helpful!

Debra used the new color "Florence" to demo with clear and dark wax.  Love it!!  Sooooo......
one more workshop behind us and a good time was had by all!  Our next dates coming up are:
July 19th and August to register soon as they fill up fast!