Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tales of this Shopkeeper - Chalk Paint(tm) Workshop

What a great group of ladies we had last Thursday night for another exciting workshop on Chalk Paint Decorative Finishes by Annie Sloan!  Once again Debra was full of information and new ideas as she instructed the ladies.

What is it about people who sign up for these workshops?? I have not met a bad one fact, all of them are extremely nice! 

Is it working with your hands that makes you nice? Or keeps you balanced and therefore nice? Or keeps you using your creative bent and therefore you are content so you're nice??:)

These ladies brought their own small item to paint and in the process of three hours learned much more than just putting paint on a piece of furniture!

This lady raises horses.  That has to keep you nice!:)

Our beautiful summer employee, Alexis, even joined us......

Someone brought in a metal lamp that they had painted with Chalk Paint(TM) and had over waxed.  Here's Debra showing the remedy.....that was very helpful!

Debra used the new color "Florence" to demo with clear and dark wax.  Love it!!  Sooooo......
one more workshop behind us and a good time was had by all!  Our next dates coming up are:
July 19th and August to register soon as they fill up fast!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Tales of this Shopkeeper - Gallery of Dreams/White Cottage

East of Columbus, Ohio is the town of Newark and in the quaint downtown is a wonderful shop called
"Gallery of Dreams/White Cottage".  I have been hearing about this great place from another merchant in town so this past Thursday I headed up to Newark to take a look for myself.
The shop is located amidst a string of beautiful old storefronts.  The front door is set way back so that as you approach the building you walk between two fabulous display windows and then through the front door.
Everything in the front windows was in shades of white with white urns and wire garden containers beautifully placed.
Here is what I saw as I first stepped in the door....
Wow is right!! A definite black and white theme hits you at first and then bling, bling, bling!! Crystal chandeliers and jewelry and girly accessories galore artistically arranged and displayed on stylish black furniture

Someone is very talented at merchandising....
What a treat to pass through this blingy wonderland to get to my!  Straight back and center I entered "The White Cottage" where Cyndi Neal has spun a fantasyland of white everything....

Wispy clouds of cheesecloth hang draped from the ceiling and around the central arbor that houses vintage garden and patio items.  Dress forms stand at attention here and there while natural bits of twigs and branches bring just the right touch placed in large glass containers.....
A couple of years ago I had attended the Heritage Market in Columbus for the first time and was immediately struck by the amount of primitive and country decor.....except.....for one booth that stood out like a sore thumb(and I mean that in a good way)  amidst the tin stars and wooden bread bowls and mustard-colored quilt was Cyndi and her booth had wonderful muslin rose necklaces and jar candle holders adorned with old keys and ledger paper tied with saved my day and made my trip and I loved displaying those necklaces in my shop....and so, here she is.....along with her friend, Kim, who has the front of the shop....

Needless to say, I found more than my little truck could take home with me and the timing was perfect as Kim's husband was just bringing her lunch so he helped me load the truck.....thank you! I'm sorry I didn't get your name but we'll be back soon!
It was a fun day and if you have the time you won't want to miss a trip to see this fabulous shop at ......
37 N. 3rd St. in Newark, Ohio.  They are open:  M - F 10:00 - 5:30 and Sat. 10:00 - 5:00 or visit them at

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tales of this Shopkeeper - Funky Junk Boutique

This past Saturday we visited our son and precious family....that's another whole blog:)  We love them to pieces!
We decided to drive to Seville, Ohio where they were holding their annual Father's Day weekend garage sale......the WHOLE town!!! Fun, fun!  While there we stopped in to Funky Junk Boutique right in the center of town.  Michelle, the owner hasn't been open a year yet but when you walk in her shop there are treasures everywhere you look!

I saw soooo much I would have loved to take home with me!

Michelle greeted me with a warm smile and I liked her right away.....she has done an amazing job with her space including painting the original tin ceiling!!  She carries Chalk Paint Decorative Finishes and holds workshops two to three times per month.

I wished I could have taken this piece home....:)

Other items in her shop include these handmade bags.....

Everything is creatively displayed and makes you want to stay awhile....... I was so happy to meet Michele and see her fabulous shop!!  I know there are some big things ahead for her.  Stop in to see her and sign up for one of her Chalk Paint workshops.  The best of everything to you, Michelle!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tales of this Shopkeeper - Coffee Filter Wreath

Last Christmas season I found out how to make a wreath out of coffee filters.  Sooooo easy and fun!  I made one big one, hung it in the window for display and had a contest on guessing how many filters I used.  The prize?? The coffee filter wreath!!  Lots of guesses and lots of fun with this.  The closest guess was about 100 filters off but still the winner.  I emailed her ......and emailed again.....and still the wreath hangs in the shop to this day!

The last couple of months I've had people ask what it was made of and why didn't I make more to sell?  I guess I felt lots of people knew how to make these and there wouldn't be much interest but I had so many people ask about them that I decided to make some medium sized wreaths to be available to those who weren't interested in making them.....and I'm doing them in white and tea stained....

soooo white....and

tea stained.....this could be darker and I will work on that for my next one....

These could be embellished with all sorts of vintage findings or left on their own...........they are about 20" in diameter finished and take about 160 coffee filters....get them at the dollar store 160/pack!!  So, hot glue/gun, white foam wreath form, filters.........easy peesy!  Takes about an hour to make this size. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tales of this Shopkeeper - Introducing........"The Not So Shabby Shop"

Sometimes Thursday "junkin'" days turn into visiting days.  Today was one of those days.  Laura Buoni is a new friend of mine.  I first met her in the shop and then got to know her better when she and her son, Josh, took one of our Chalk Paint Decorative Finishes workshop.  At that time she was in the process of putting things together to open her own business.  Well, she did it and today I went up to see her shop and chat with her.  What a fun experience!
And so, with no further ado......."The Not So Shabby Shop" opened just six days ago in Hilliard, Ohio at
3872 Lattimer....
There it is....I can't wait to go in!
Immediately, I get a good impression. Beautifully painted furniture in tasteful colors and creative designs.
The light blue dresser above is one I wanted to take home with me....

Laura and her sons enjoy Chalk Paint(TM) and use it in many different ways...

Very well done!

Not just shabby but yes, some shabby:)

This is Laura and I so enjoyed seeing her new place and chatting for awhile.  The best to you, Laura!  You will do well!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tales of this Shopkeeper - This n that

I can't say this enough....I have great customers! Last month, one of my customers asked if I would like the "leftovers" from her latest home project.  "Could you use them in the shop?" she asked.  Me, being the "what could we make out of this" person said "yes".  Surely we would find something to do with them!
Here's what she did.....she collected vintage end tables in all sorts of sizes and had her dad cut them in half.  Then she built this fabulous shelving unit made from all the different sized tables.  It covers one wall in her office!  Really unique!  She had some halves left over so she brought them in.  Wish I had pictures of her office wall to show you.
Last night, we had finished several pieces and had time to paint these end table halves in emile, barcelona and greek blue and we mounted them on the wall.  Love the look! How fun!

And here are a couple of finished pieces for this week.....

Love coco with old white.....

Duck egg blue and old white.....

And my husbands latest project....distressed arles:)

Still loving the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint at Winsome and will be having another workshop on
Thursday, June 21 from 6:30 - 9:30.  Contact us at

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tales of this Shopkeeper - Corbels and shutters and stairs, oh my!

This past Thursday I picked up my paint order, went to the shop, restocked and got my girl, Jennifer, settled to work while I headed out.....headed to one of my favorite suppliers with specifics in mind.
The day was beautiful and the drive wasn't too long. I pulled into Lynn's place and quickly parked.  Her property is full of treasures inside and out her three buildings  One barn is just doors and windows and architectural pieces.  I head for that one first as I know that I need corbels for a couple of customers.  It didn't take me long to select some great looking corbels and load them in the truck.  I continued looking around until I found the shutters I wanted.  In the back building I found an old crib-sized spring,,,perfect to clip things on for display.  Almost done but wait....what is this?? Sitting right out in the sunshine is this great partial staircase with banister.  I am instantly excited about this and ask how much?? A bit steep but not ridiculous....I stand and think of all the things I could do with it and finally decide that it's worth it.  Can I come pick it up on Sunday? Of course she is fine with it and sooooo.....this afternoon we loaded it in the truck and delivered it to the shop....

Is this great??

I picture twinkly light and garland for the holidays...will post more pictures when I get this set up:)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Tales of this Shopkeeper - Another great Chalk Paint Decorative Finshes Workshop

Last week Winsome Cottage hosted another Chalk Paint Decorative Finishes Workshop with eight sweet ladies.  It was "bring your own" and the ladies brought a variety of chairs and tables.
Everyone was enthusiastic and ready to get working....

Paris gray and old white; antibes and provence; graphite and barcelona orange were the choices....

Demonstrating different techniques.....

Then, back to work....

A few more techniques to share.....

It was a fun evening!  Next workshop will be Thursday, June 21 from 6:30 to soon as it fills up fast!