Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tales of this shopkeeper, end of the week bits n pieces...

I can never judge how my day at the shop will go based on the weather.  Today promised to be a gloomy one: ALL day! And it was interspersed with rain and drizzle.  HOWEVER, the shop stayed busy with sunny dispositions:)  The winter has been a mild one to say the least here in Ohio and everyone is thankful.  Thus, the sunny dispositions that make my job so enjoyable.
This post is a bit random but still print worthy, I believe.  I just have to share a picture of this great piece I found this past Thursday while out running around for a customer.(yes, I actually had someone working for me!) It's in another shop in Columbus and by the way, if you haven't been to Chapel Hill Florist in Grandville, you're missing out on a special treat.  Run by two sisters, who I just love and who are so creative, it's not just a floral shop.  They have home decor and some furniture and some whimsy:)  Wonderful displays that I drool over and always great conversation. is the picture of this piece that I'm hoping will be in our shop by March.  The sisters are remodeling and need room to open a wall so how about if I just take that off their hands, hmmmm? I can think of a couple of places in Winsome that that would look really fabulous in.  What do you think?  Shouldn't pass that up, huh?
It may be hard to tell but it's the piece with the cubbies...that's the top piece and then the bottom is like a potting table with a center drawer.  I'll keep you posted on this one....

More new spring items in this past's just one of them. Ooooooo, so many ideas for these.  They are actually cupcake pedestals BUT, yes, I can hear your wheels turning AND do you love the colors??

Then.....our Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workshop is filling up BUT there is still room.  How about it?  I used the paint for about five months before we decided to sell it in the shop and when I took the workshop I found there were some things that just made it alot easier to use that I learned.  Not necessary but helpful:)
So why not join us for a fun filled evening from 6:30 - 9:00 at the cottage on Thursday, Feb. 23.  For more info just email me @

Finally, we are working on this piece and are doing it in ascp cream on the inside and ascp french linen on the outside.  It's going to be very sweet when we are done.  Some ideas for the doors(they didn't have glass in them) but no worries:) So this is the before and stay tuned for the after.....soon, I hope.
Have a good weekend!