Friday, June 22, 2012

Tales of this Shopkeeper - Gallery of Dreams/White Cottage

East of Columbus, Ohio is the town of Newark and in the quaint downtown is a wonderful shop called
"Gallery of Dreams/White Cottage".  I have been hearing about this great place from another merchant in town so this past Thursday I headed up to Newark to take a look for myself.
The shop is located amidst a string of beautiful old storefronts.  The front door is set way back so that as you approach the building you walk between two fabulous display windows and then through the front door.
Everything in the front windows was in shades of white with white urns and wire garden containers beautifully placed.
Here is what I saw as I first stepped in the door....
Wow is right!! A definite black and white theme hits you at first and then bling, bling, bling!! Crystal chandeliers and jewelry and girly accessories galore artistically arranged and displayed on stylish black furniture

Someone is very talented at merchandising....
What a treat to pass through this blingy wonderland to get to my!  Straight back and center I entered "The White Cottage" where Cyndi Neal has spun a fantasyland of white everything....

Wispy clouds of cheesecloth hang draped from the ceiling and around the central arbor that houses vintage garden and patio items.  Dress forms stand at attention here and there while natural bits of twigs and branches bring just the right touch placed in large glass containers.....
A couple of years ago I had attended the Heritage Market in Columbus for the first time and was immediately struck by the amount of primitive and country decor.....except.....for one booth that stood out like a sore thumb(and I mean that in a good way)  amidst the tin stars and wooden bread bowls and mustard-colored quilt was Cyndi and her booth had wonderful muslin rose necklaces and jar candle holders adorned with old keys and ledger paper tied with saved my day and made my trip and I loved displaying those necklaces in my shop....and so, here she is.....along with her friend, Kim, who has the front of the shop....

Needless to say, I found more than my little truck could take home with me and the timing was perfect as Kim's husband was just bringing her lunch so he helped me load the truck.....thank you! I'm sorry I didn't get your name but we'll be back soon!
It was a fun day and if you have the time you won't want to miss a trip to see this fabulous shop at ......
37 N. 3rd St. in Newark, Ohio.  They are open:  M - F 10:00 - 5:30 and Sat. 10:00 - 5:00 or visit them at


  1. OMGOSH-What a fabulous place to visit and shop. Ummm...where was this post yesterday when I was headed into Ohio?;>) xo Diana

  2. Thanks for the tour- get so envious when I see wonderful shops in other parts of the country that I will probably never get to visit.

  3. Fabulous post Marykay and so eloquently written along with fabulous photos! What a pleasure to get to experience it first hand with you today. Thank you, Colleen xoxo