Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tales of this Shopkeeper - Corbels and shutters and stairs, oh my!

This past Thursday I picked up my paint order, went to the shop, restocked and got my girl, Jennifer, settled to work while I headed out.....headed to one of my favorite suppliers with specifics in mind.
The day was beautiful and the drive wasn't too long. I pulled into Lynn's place and quickly parked.  Her property is full of treasures inside and out her three buildings  One barn is just doors and windows and architectural pieces.  I head for that one first as I know that I need corbels for a couple of customers.  It didn't take me long to select some great looking corbels and load them in the truck.  I continued looking around until I found the shutters I wanted.  In the back building I found an old crib-sized spring,,,perfect to clip things on for display.  Almost done but wait....what is this?? Sitting right out in the sunshine is this great partial staircase with banister.  I am instantly excited about this and ask how much?? A bit steep but not ridiculous....I stand and think of all the things I could do with it and finally decide that it's worth it.  Can I come pick it up on Sunday? Of course she is fine with it and sooooo.....this afternoon we loaded it in the truck and delivered it to the shop....

Is this great??

I picture twinkly light and garland for the holidays...will post more pictures when I get this set up:)


  1. Oh- I love it. What a great, great display piece! It will be perfect for so many different display purposes. Hope you have a great week- xo Diana

  2. ps. Your word verification is OFF and it works perfectly!;>)

  3. Nana Diana sent me over and I'm so glad that she did. Your blog is beautiful and I cannot wait to see my new issue of Romantic Homes featuring your shop. My sister already sent me a message that we must make a trip to see it.

    I'm a new follower and I'll see you ofen.


    1. Thanks for following, Sissie!! Would love to have you visit Winsome!