Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tales of this Shopkeeper - Vintage Marketplace @Springfield Extravaganza

The alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. and I was in and out of the shower in no time.  It was Vintage Marketplace weekend in Springfield, Ohio.  Each spring and fall the Springfield Extravaganza is a huge draw for flea market enthusiasts across the country.  This year, with over 2000 vendors, it proved to be a junker's paradise.
With the addition of the Vintage Marketplace this year there was definitely something for everyone.  I wasn't disappointed!
I arrived around 6:45 and entered through gate B.  As I was parking the car I was also talking with my friend, Colleen, from Fleurish Creative Studios.  She had entered through a different gate and we were trying to find each other to walk through the Vintage Marketplace for the first time.  She had a whole day to explore.  I had three hours before I would have to leave to drive back and open the shop.
After finding each other by the big ice cream cone:) and sifting through some vintage jewelry from one of Colleen's favorite vendors, we headed to the large tents in the center of the extravaganza.
I wish I had taken pictures of all the creativity in booth after booth of vendors but I didn't.  Colleen did so here is her blog and wonderful
We both knew vendor's that were involved with the Vintage Marketplace and we stopped to see their booth's and chat.  Here's Colleen and I at her friend, Julie's booth, "Julz".  She makes beautiful jewelry....

We continued on and met Jackie from Shambora Studios and said hi to Lisa at Urban Farmhouse.  Then hopped over to see Terri and her girls at Alley Cat Chic and Carleen and Betsy at Old World, New Home.
Memories Gate was those ladies, too.  Each one full of vintage furniture and home decor with their own unique twist.
While checking all these wonderful vendors out I came across a booth with a deal I just couldn't pass up!  It was early in the weekend but the price was right so I snatched up this great bank of lockers.  It barely fit into the back of the truck and took three healthy men to unload it BUT it's in the shop now and wow, do I love it!! Check it out.....

That's right.....two sides back to back! Aren't they great?? Don't you love the color?
More  about the weekend soon!


  1. What a great experience Mary Kay! Unfortunately I was unable to attend because we are frantically getting ready for my son's graduation party.I hope they do the Vintage Marketplace again within the Springfield Extravaganza Flea Market.I will check out your friends blog for more eye candy:)

    1. The best to your son and hope all goes well with the party! Yes, there will be another extravaganza in September AND I believe another Vintage Marketplace there as well!!

  2. Awesome find! Lucky you to have gone to the extravaganza! We wanted to, but just couldn't fit it into the schedule :) our friend from MI was there selling her wares : Lisa's Retro Style ~ her pics of her booth were adorable!
    By the way....LOVE, so in LOVE with the green dresser!!!

  3. Thanks girls! It was alot of fun and you know there's another one in September, right? I saw your friends booth and it was adorable:)