Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tales of this shopkeeper - Antibes & Napoleonic

We have lots of unpainted items right now so yesterday while the shop was open I decided to pull a dresser out of the back and just get started.  I put on a coat of napoleonic.  I really love how rich this color is!  And because it dries so fast, I was able to put a coat of antibes over the top....painting done!

 Now to rub back a bit to expose the napoleonic underneath....hmmmm. It needs something more so I came up with this....
It's  got a lattice look to it and I love the napoleonic under and over the antibes!  A coat of clear wax and there we for a display window for sure!
This summer, well, for at least a few more months, we will keep up the barcelona and antibes in our windows.  Remember this??
It left the building this week so we will be using Barcelona on something else (it's a surprise) for the window.
Some possibilities might be this....

Or maybe this....

Stay tuned.........!


  1. Just beautiful Mary Kay!! Your creativity is amazing! No wonder your pieces fly out of your shop!! Did you get the Rural Society Show last weekend? It was awesome!! Posted some pics on my blog.

  2. Thanks so much Cathy! No:( I didn't get there and wanted to so badly. I know it was a quality show. Are you going to the Springfield show?? next weekend? It's going to be huge!! Take care!