Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tales of this Shopkeeper - A Romantic Homes Magazine Surprise...!

On our way to the shop in the truck one night to paint, paint, paint my phone beeped and there was an email. My husband and I had both had a hectic day and, really, we were tired and just hoping to get things done at the shop in a timely manner. We were in the middle of a conversation but as I was talking (and I can talk alot!) I got into my email to see what it was.
To my surprise it was an email from Romantic Home Magazine asking if I would be interested in being featured in their shopkeeper section!!!!!!!!!
I interrupted my husband and said "Oh my gosh, listen to this??" We were so surprised and excited that the next couple of hours while painting and fixing flew by as we talked about photos and information. To say that we felt totally humbled is an understatement!!
Then came the is my "mo." What was I going to talk about and what if I couldn't answer some of their questions and did we even have really special things in the shop to take photos of?? So silly me spent too long on that road....but, I was able to call my talented friend, Jodee Ball of JpBall Photography, and she was willing to come in early on the next Saturday morning for a photo shoot. Jodee is a spunky very busy lady who teaches fulltime, is raising a family with her husband and takes beautiful portraits as a side business. She was so willing and encouraging and we were able to have the photos ready to email in a few short days. Thanks, Jodee!! Go to to see her wonderful work.
After the photos were sent I received an email to set up an over the phone interview with Romantic Homes. At five minutes to the hour I was at my desk with my phone in hand... praying. The phone rang and at once I was grateful to hear the voice on the other end. This woman was so sweet and kind and interested in what I had to say. She took notes in between and we talked of things other than the shop that we both had in common. She was human!:) What was I worried about??
And now the reality sinks in...Winsome Cottage will be featured in the shopkeeper's section of Romantic Homes Magazine for the July issue!!! What a privilege!!
I have been a loyal fan for many years and just this year began advertising in the magazine which was exciting all by itself!! Please check out an issue if you aren't familiar with it. Great articles and beautiful photos not to mention many, many ideas for decorating in that time worn way. We carry issues for sale in the shop each month as well.
So.......I'm sure I will be posting about this again after the issue comes out but thought I would share the experience now! Isn't it exciting?
We are so grateful and Rebecca...if you read this, you have been a blessing! Thank you so much!!


  1. Wow! Many blessings Mary Kay!! I am sooo excited to see the July issue! Congratulations!!

  2. Can't wait to see it all in print!!!! Excited for you and thrilled that good things are happening!!!!

  3. Congratulations...I am so happy for you!