Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tales of this shopkeeper

I LOVE Saturdays at Winsome....the sun is pouring in the windows this morning and customers are cheery and chatty.  I just finished ringing up a lady who is from Venezuela.  Her American friend asks "How do you, on an emtional level, allow yourself to paint these old pieces? I mean," she continues "I have an old sideboard at home that I would love to paint but it was my grandmothers."
I LOVE that I have such intelligent customers with feelings!  So, I talk to her about the fact that most of our pieces are in need of being rescued with parts missing or finishes in bad shape and that we look at it as giving the piece a new life. Besides, there is no emotional attachment to these pieces.  I remind her that in our history we did  paint furniture and that people are still paying hefty prices for those old pieces with original was a good conversation; not sure if she'll paint or not.

At the back of the shop behind the door that says "employees only" are the sounds of sanding and pounding and painting.  My husband is hard at work "restyling" a piece and this is why I LOVE Saturdays at Winsome!
He is my best friend and business partner.  He is 50% of our business and he "gets it!"  I am so blessed to be taking this journey with him!

One of my favorite customers enters.....we are glad to see each other!  She's brought three of her sisters with her and they are laughing and talking as they make their way around the shop.  One has spied a french wall basket and wants me to show her how to use it....there's a small crash in the back....someone caught their purse on a wire basket and it's contents (unbreakable) have spilled onto the floor....there's a hush and I say "that happens, it's okay".....and now there is snickering from relief that nothing's broken.  The sister with the french basket is at the counter ready to purchase.  I finish scooping up the fallen items and hurry to the register....the hammering and sanding continues in the back and I am so content to be right here at this moment....

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  1. Love these thoughts.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I'm inspired.