Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tales of this shopkeeper.....

It's 4:45 pm on a Wednesday afternoon.  A very sweet lady just left with a purchase of six glass knobs and a smile on her face.  She's a do it yourself -er with dreams of "restyling" an old dresser that has sat for years in the basement.  I love those conversations and never tire of them.  Oh, the possibilities!!
It's been a relatively quiet day but productive.  A delivery this morning of spring merchandise has kept me busy and excited thinking ahead of how I will merchandise all of it.  The wheels are spinning!! I have checked the order for breakage, amounts, backordered items.  Have priced and put up everything, cut down boxes and gathered excess packaging, made a pile of bubble wrap to be used again.
Now as the work day comes to a close I sweep, straighten and make my way around the shop turning off lamps and twinkle lights as I go.  Key in the register to run a "Z" tape, drawer pops open and I empty it of cash and record my totals.
Overhead lights off, coat, purse, etcetera's in hand I open the shop door to head home.  As I turn to close and put my key in the lock I look one more time inside.  This is a dream come true, a vision realized, a "work of heart."
Please join me on this "never a dull moment" journey as I share with you tales of this shopkeeper....Marykay


  1. Love this Marykay!!! You had "quite" the day yesterday! LOL! Looking forward to more tales... Colleen

  2. I love this! I am so happy for you that you can work with what you love and your dream has come true. I can't wait to visit you magical little shop!

  3. This is your gift Marykay.....write the's beautiful! And it 's what you love. That's what people respond too....I'm learning that too!!!!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I love the pictures you "paint" with your words :). Looking forward to "more"....

  5. I have the same sentiments with customers that come in and are excited! I just love it! I'm glad you're blogging! You'll love it! And I can tell you are already GOOD at it!

    1. Thanks for all the encouragement everyone!