Monday, October 15, 2012

Tales of this shopkeeper - Sauerkraut Festival 2012

Today I took my dad for a ride and stopped up at the shop to grab something on my day's Monday,

 only one day since the 43rd Annual Sauerkraut Festival in our little town of Waynesville, Ohio.....

Hard to believe that two days ago the streets were closed and over 500 vendor tents with arts and crafts

and anything made with sauerkraut lined our Main St. and  350,000 people moved

as one large organism enjoying the talents of many ..... over 60 shops and restaurants benefitted from

this festival as well and our shop, Winsome Cottage, had a fabulous weekend!

This was the night before after all the vendors were set up.....this whole process runs like a well-oiled

machine....thanks to our fabulous Sauerkraut Committee!

Before the official festival opening time there was a very long line around the booth and back behind Main

for Sauerkraut donuts....and I hear that line stayed just as long all day!

Saturday was beautiful .....

And Winsome enjoyed seeing many families.....

Among our great sales....we sold many of these...which by the way...are not original and the directions can

be found on .....

I love this weekend.....the days before....during and the time spent with these great ladies who

did a fabulous job assisting customers and keeping things looking nice.  Thank you! Team Winsome!!

Until next year.....:)

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  1. I don't live far from your shop and found your blog through your Romantic Homes feature. Congrats on that! I'm hoping to come by and visit after Thanksgiving. I'm sure you are getting all set for Christmas decorating.