Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tales of this shopkeeper.....Truck treasures

It's my regular Thursday junkin' day....last night I mapped out where I wanted to go and now I'm heading north. Even with mapquest and gps on my new phone which I haven't mastered yet, I tend to make a wrong turn at least once. Usually I'm day dreaming and pass an exit and have to turn around and go back. No's my day and I don't have any particular schedule.
I come to my first stop and enter the place I was really looking forward to seeing. Not at all what I was expecting so I hurry out, check more shops and end up in my truck a half hour after parking. Onward....
I'm down the road a bit and find a garage sale sign off the beaten path. Love those! But it's full of all things plastic and not my cup of tea so back in the truck I go and head east. Finally, I end up in a great place with lots to explore and, yes, I find some great things! Treasure!
Okay, I'll give you a better view...
So, lots of ideas for these things!

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